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Stay on top of the indie music scene with our specialised portals dedicated to the latest news, new release updates, and emerging independent artists. Explore the best indie tracks according to the music genres you prefer, curated playlist collections, and the freshest indie music news right now.


RockCharts.News – Explore Rock, Metal, & their sub-genres. News, reviews, and interviews for all indie music aficionados!

PopHits.News – Pop universe: From Synth to Bedroom Pop and Retro Pop. Your guide to the indie pop scene’s beat.

IndieRock.News – Dive into Indie & Soft Rock, Pop vibes, Acoustic gems. Your pulse on the diverse rock scene and fresh indie tunes.

TopMusic.News – Discover the best of EDM, Electronic, Experimental and more. Your rhythm for the bustling pop scene!

RapStar.News – Tune in for Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B revelations. Your beacon on the vibrant rhythm scene!

AfroMusic.News – Explore Afro-Beat, Afro-Pop, & many sub-genres. Your portal to Africa’s indie music scene’s beat!

GetMusic.News – Your trail for indie Country, Americana, & Folk. Plug into roots music’s fresh, raw stories.

SuperPop.TV – Independent music TV programme for independent and emerging artists on Roku and CTV networks.


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